Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some outdoor winter pics...

Here are a few of my favorite outdoor displays. We had lots of blowing snow that put a nice white blanket on everything.
I hope everyone had a great holiday season. It is always such a busy time. Now that the holidays are over I can be a little more dedicated to my blog and get some regular posts on here.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog through your comments on Sarah's blog. I love the name you have choosen, BTW! And also your nice photos that you posted.
    I haven't been blogging very long either but enjoy it very much. have a good week.

  2. Your pictures couldn't be anymore beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Thanks for joining my blog...isn't this blogging world a lot of fun? Your blog is nice. Your pictures are gorgeous...Happy New Year!

  4. I just found your blog and signed up to be a follower. Welcome to blogland!!
    Love your outside is beautiful!!


  5. Hi! I'm new to blogging as well and am having the best time with it! Love your snowy pics (even though I hate snow! lol!!) Everything looks so peaceful after it snows. I have signed on to follow your blog and if you have a spare minute, I'd appreciate it if you could pop over to mine and follow me to! Have a great weekend!

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  7. Hi there! I just saw your blog and the title made me wonder if you were the same Red Shed Primitives that sells on ebay? So I hopped on over to find out, not sure, but like what I see so far! I love your tool box! Nice decision! I am signing on to follow. Love your outdoor decorations!

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  9. Thanks for visit my blog. Hope you enjoy your new visits. I love to have new friends in the blog land. OMG! You had one of the best Christmas displays that I see, simply love your outdoor decorations.

  10. What gorgeous outdoor displays! I love them all and especially the wagon, I'll have to drag mine from the back yard and put it in the front for all to see ;)


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